Fire Support Staff

Fire Support staff assist the department in carrying out their primary function of protecting the community, by providing supporting services. These can involve organizing and cleaning of inventory, and keeping the equipment, staff and facilities working at peak efficiency.

Aerobic Bicycle Test

Used to determine an individual’s aerobic power (stamina).  Score will be assessed on how much aerobic work that can be done per pound of body weight.  Three stages of two minutes will be performed, and each stage will have progressively more work.  The more work and the lower the heart rate, the higher the resulting score will be.

Upright Row   (45 lbs.)

Standing, straight posture, with feet shoulder width apart, arms straight and holding bar with overhand grip.  Lifting the bar to chest level with elbows higher than your wrists, and back to a straight-arm position. Minimum 4; Maximum 14

Squats  (75 lbs.)

Standing, straight posture, bar rests comfortably on shoulders, with feet shoulder width apart.  Bending at knees until the thighs are parallel to the ground, then standing once again. Minimum 3; Maximum 10

Shoulder Press (45 lbs.)

Sitting upright, subject grips a bar at shoulder width and lifts the weight from the level of the shoulders to a completely locked position overhead, and returns to the starting position. Minimum 4; Maximum 14